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Photography Page of Andy & Melissa Rester


Portrait Photography (Portfolio):

Beautiful natural-light settings around Austin, supplemented by professional lighting, provide stunning Family or Individual Portrait images. Packages begin for around $120.

Event Photography (Portfolio):

We specialize in capturing images that portray the excitement and vibe of Live Events, even in small venues and low light situations. Let us design a customized package for your event.

Andy Rester Bio:

I grew up in South Mississippi, just outside of New Orleans, attended Mississippi State University (for Physics and Information Systems), and somewhere in between I spent 4 years in the US Army. I've been an IT Systems Administrator for about 20 years, and a graphic artist for almost that long. I've been processing digital images for publication since the mid-90s. I've lived in some beautiful areas like California, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee; but my chosen home is now Austin, TX.

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Email: Andy@ResterMedia.com